2018 March

John 11:25,25, Rev H Alkema, 31 March 2019
Jesus declares Himself the Resurrection and the Life
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Lord's Day 40 (Heidelberg Catechism), Dr J Visscher, read by Elder P Witten, 31 March 2019
Protect your neighbour's life
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Lord's Day 39 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 24 March 2019
In the fifth commandment, God decrees respect for authority
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John 10:11-21, Rev H Alkema, 24 March 2019
Jesus boldly declares: I am the Good Shepherd!
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Lord's Day 38 (Heidelberg Catechism), Dr R Bredenhof, read by Elder T Houweling, 17 March 2019
God has given us the Lord's Day
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1 Timothy 4:8, Dr R Bredenhof, read by Elder G vanderWal, 17 March 2019
Godliness is profitable for all things
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Lord's Day 37 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev J Moesker, read by Elder H Olde, 10 March 2019
How far may we go in calling on the Name of God?
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Psalm 147:19-20, Rev R den Hollander, read by Elder B Schoof, 10 March 2019
Praise God for giving His Word
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Lord's Day 36 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 3 March 2019
The Lord commands that His Name be honoured
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John 10:7-10, Rev H Alkema, 3 March 2019
Jesus Christ declares Himself to be the door for the sheep
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