2019 May

Lord's Day 48 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev D Poppe, read by Elder T Houweling, 26 May 2019
The Lord Jesus teaches us to pray that the kingdom of God would be established
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John 14:6, Rev W van der Jagt, 26 May 2019
The Lord introduces himself as the Way, the Truth, the Life
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Lord's Day 47 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev J Visscher, read by Elder H Olde, 19 May 2019
Praying about the name of God
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2 Chronicles 33:10 – 13, Dr W Bredenhof, read by Elder J Bruning, 19 May 2019
"You can come back!" God’s grace abounds to humble and contrite sinners
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Lord's Day 46 (Heidelberg Catechism), Dr W Bredenhof, read by Elder B Schoof, 12 May 2019
We begin our prayers by expressing a proper way of looking at God
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Acts 5:12-42, Rev S 't Hart, read by Elder L Mulder, 12 May 2019
The Spirit enables obedience in the face of opposition.
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Lord's Day 45 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 5 May 2019
Godly Prayer is a Matter of the Heart
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John 15:1-8, Rev H Alkema, 5 May 2019
The True Vine calls God’s children to abide in Him and bear much fruit
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