2021 April

Lord's Day 44 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev K Dekker, 18 April 2021
Holy Hoax or Holy Heart
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2 Chronicles 33:10-17 , Rev H Alkema, 25 April 2021
Knowing Jesus Requires Knowing Yourself
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Lord's Day 43 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 11 April 2021
The ninth commandment and the importance of our words
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Matthew 7:15-23, sermon by Rev I Wildeboer, read by Elder B Schoof, 11 April 2021
Avoiding Lies, Clinging to the truth
Are you living a counterfeit life?
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Lord's Day 42 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 11 April 2021
With the eighth commandment the Lord forbids the abuse or squandering of His gifts
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Lord's Day 41 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev K Dekker, 4 April 2021
God's gift of sexual purity in the 7th commandment
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Acts 5:30-32, Rev H Alkema, 4 April 2021
The risen Lord: the power of God’s miracle for our lives
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Galatians 3:10-14, Rev H Alkema, 2 April 2021
The curse on the cross: Christ’s suffering for our salvation
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