About the Church

The church is where believers come together to worship God. There is only one holy universal church which has existed from the beginning of the world and will exist to the end of time. It is preserved and supported by the Lord God.

The identification marks of the church are:
• The pure preaching of the gospel
• The pure administration of the sacraments  
(Baptism and Lord’s Supper)

• The practice of church discipline to keep the church of God pure and holy.


We, the Free Reformed Churches of Australia, trace our roots back to the first century AD Apostolic Church. We call ourselves reformed because we maintain the biblical truths rediscovered in the 16th century Great Reformation, by men such as Martin Luther and John Calvin. Our churches subscribe to the following confessions:

• The Belgic Confession (1561)
• The Heidelberg Catechism (1563)

• The Canons of Dordt (1618-1619)