Shalom (House of Peace) Inc.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Shalom Inc. is a professional, Christian organisation coordinated by members of the Free Reformed Churches in Albany.  Our mission is to set up a shelter for homeless men to provide a safe environment where they feel loved, cared for and feel comfortable sharing their stories.   We also envisage opening a daytime, drop-in center to provide practical support and activities for homeless and other disadvantaged people to empower them with skills to make positive changes in their life.  By caring for these people, we demonstrate they are worthy of being cared for and thus educate the community that homelessness should not be a hidden, anonymous issue but one for which the whole of society takes responsibility.  In so doing, we also create opportunities for members of the Free Reformed Churches to share our riches by voluntarily putting back into the community.


Our trained staff demonstrate the professionalism of our organisation by following clear policy and procedures to ensure our clients receive quality support.  Through their actions, we also witness the power and glory of God and thus share the love of Jesus Christ.


Shalom Inc. is a unique organisation working within the government framework and a network of professional agencies in the Albany community that strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  We recognise we do not have all the skills required to address complex and multi-layered issues and thus it is our aim to cooperate with, learn from and refer to these agencies to develop a holistic and seamless response to homelessness.  We speak openly about our vision and mission to share our passion with the community to continually increase and improve the service provision to our disadvantaged members.

Our Vision

As God is a refuge and comfort to everyone who seeks shelter in Him, we will offer comfort and support to those who have lost this comfort or whom within the trials of this world have never found this comfort.  God makes no distinction between people and no person’s troubles are so great that they cannot seek comfort from God.  At Shalom Inc., we not only seek to provide physical shelter and refuge but also share our belief that there is someone to whom we can turn unconditionally for love and guidance.  We believe it is God’s command and our duty to care for God’s creation and those who are in need of care due to difficult life experiences.  In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus teaches us to demonstrate the same care shown by the Samaritan to the defenseless victim found by the side of the road.  Shalom House aims to offer a professional service to people in need of help and support, who find it difficult to thrive in society; to help them fully understand and deal with the issues they face and empower them with knowledge to handle the difficulties of this life.


We understand that homelessness can happen to anyone for any range of reasons.  It can be sudden or resultant of a buildup of long term problems.  Often, homelessness is the visible ‘tip of the iceberg’ and other associated behaviors such as aggression and addiction are symptoms of underlying feelings of powerlessness and fear of social life.  To address these issues, we believe everyone has a right to feel safe, welcome and heard.  We treat everybody with respect.  We are non-judgmental and non-discriminatory.  Shalom Inc. aims to be the safe haven where people can commence a journey to betterment of life without fear.


Relying on God for his blessings, we trust the passion and dedication of our staff and volunteers will help us achieve our goals and vision for the benefit of our target group and ultimately to the glory of God’s kingdom.


Services Offered

All Shalom Inc. services are run on a volunteer basis, managed by a paid coordinator.  Both the Board and Committee of Management consists of willing volunteers form the Free Reformed Churches of Albany. 

Shalom House: Shelter based crisis accommodation from 5.30pm-8.00am every day from May through October.


                Male 18 years and over

                Homeless, at risk of homelessness or in crisis

                Involved with, or willing to accept referral to, a case management service

                Actively involved in addressing their housing difficulties

Intake and Assessment:

                Bookings (agency or self-referral) required.  Please call Shalom House for further details.

                Clients will need some form of Identification.

                An immediate crisis assessment interview will take place when clients arrive on the premises on the first night only. 

Shalom Access (Drop in Centre): An open access drop in centre for any disadvantaged, at risk or marginalised individuals.  A safe place to come and relax, grab a free bite to eat, a tea/coffee and a chat.  Some of the more tangible services Shalom Access offers are access to a shower for personal hygiene, a healthy meal, internet access and a laundry service.  Open Mondays and Tuesday from 10am-1pm. No eligibility or referral requirements.

Shalom Garden: Shalom garden is a garden that provides disadvantaged, at risk or marginalised individuals the chance to come and plant and maintain a garden.  It also offers them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and social interaction while also providing access to support and qualified individuals.  Open Mondays and Tuesdays from 1.30-4.30pm.  No eligibility or referral requirements.

Shalom Learning: Shalom Learning is a series of courses offered free of charge by Shalom Inc.  Courses range from 3 to 6 weeks and are available to any disadvantaged individuals seeking to develop their skill base. Occurring one day a week (from 1.5 to 3 hours), courses cover a variety of topics including IT, Budgeting and Handy ‘Man’ skills.    Registration and participation are free and all resources are provided.


Would You Like To Be Involved?

If you would like to volunteer with Shalom Inc. or make a donation please contact our coordinator on (08) 98474902 or