2013 December

Job 23:10, Rev H Alkema
Job's triumph of faith in the midst of great struggles.
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Luke 2:41-52, Rev H Alkema
The wondrous revelation of the young Lord Jesus' true nature
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Matthew 2: 16-18, Rev H Alkema
The King has come!
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LD 45, Rev A van Delden
The Scriptures teach us the purpose, possibility and the power of prayer
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Luke 1:68-79, Rev T van Spronsen
God continues to have mercy on His people by sending the Dayspring from above
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LD 44, Rev H Alkema
The tenth commandment shines a light into the depths of the human heart.
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Psalm 98, Rev H Alkema
A song of praise to the King of Kings.
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LD 43, Rev H Alkema
The great privilege of loving the truth.
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LD 42, Rev H Alkema
The eighth commandment demonstrates the great privilege of being rich in God.
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Psalm 80, Rev H Alkema
The oppressed flock and the broken vine cry out for restoration.
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