2014 January

LD 12, Rev W Bredenhof (reading service)
Christ is our chief prophet and we share in His anointing.
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Psalm 119:9-16, Rev S 't Hart (reading service)
Duty becomes delight when God's Word is hidden in your heart.
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LD 7, Rev R Bredenhof (reading service)
The gospel is God's power for the salvation of all who believe.
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Psalm 145:1-7, Rev R Aasman (reading service)
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LD 48, Rev PK de Boer
The Lord teaches us to seek His Kingdom
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Luke 5: 12-16, Rev H Alkema
One miraculous touch: Jesus gives the leper the gift of new life!
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LD 47, Rev H Alkema
The church's prayer concerning the awesome Name of God
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