2017 April

Genesis 46:1-34, Rev H Alkema
The great patriarch Jacob leads God's people into Egypt
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LD50, Rev H Alkema
The fourth petition: God teaches us to rely on his gracious provision
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Genesis 45:1-28, Rev H Alkema
Finally: The divine miracle of reconciliation!
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Matthew 28:16-20, Rev I Wildeboer
Let us take heed to our master's call to go and make disciples!
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Luke 24:1-12, Rev H Alkema
A glorious resurrection: Our Saviour is alive!
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Luke 23:50-56, Rev H Alkema
God's perfect funeral for his beloved Son
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LD48, Rev H Alkema
Your kingdom come: the second petition and the battle for God's children
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LD47, Rev H Alkema
Hallowed be your name: the first petition and our prayer for Spiritual illumination
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