2023 December

LD22 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev J Segstro, read by Br B Schoof, 31 December 2023
I believe in the Christian life of hope
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Isaiah 40:1-5, Rev K Dekker, 31 December 2023
Be ready, for the LORD is coming to comfort his people
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Luke 2:8-14, Rev K Jonker, 25 December 2023
Fear not! – The herald-angel said ‘fear not’
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LD21 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev K Jonker, 24 December 2023
I BELIEVE that Christ's church is the house of God's election, saints and forgiveness
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1 Chronicles 26:12-28, Rev K Dekker, 24 December 2023
The LORD appoints gatekeepers for his holy house.
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LD20 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 17 December 2023
God’s precious gift of the Spirit!
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2 Kings 5:1-19a, Rev H Alkema, 17 December 2023
The Great Physician heals Naaman!
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LD19 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev H Alkema, 10 December 2023
God’s people rejoice in the glory of Christ on high!
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Genesis 32:22-32, Rev H Alkema, 10 December 2023
Jacob’s incredible encounter with the Lord
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LD18 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev R Vermeulen, read by Br B de Vos, 3 December 2023
Our connection to Heaven is always secure because we worship the ascended Lord
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