2017 January

LD38, Rev PKA deBoer
The fourth commandment - the Sabbath rest, it's significance from the past, in the present, for the future
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Genesis 42:25-38, Rev H Alkema
Travelling the rough road of reconciliation
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LD10, Rev R Bredenhof, read by Elder H Schoof
To everything God our Father has given its season
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Mark 2:13-17, Rev PKA deBoer
Christ came to call sinners
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LD24, Rev PKA deBoer
Good works
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Mark 1:21-28, Rev PKA deBoer
Jesus Christ is the true Son of God
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LD23, Rev PKA deBoer
How you are righteous before God
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James 4:13-17, Rev R Vermeulen, read by Elder B deVos
James urges us to take into account God's will in our lives, considering 1. the wrong attitude to life that needs to be discarded, 2. the right attitude to life that needs to be adopted
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LD37, Rev H Alkema
The Lord permits the godly use of the oath
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Revelation 12, Rev C Kleyn
The church may rejoice because Satan is unable to: 1. devour the Messiah on the earth, 2. denounce the brothers before the throne, 3. destroy the church in the desert.
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