2015 May

LD 9, Rev H Alkema
We have an incredible Father!
2015_05_31PM LD9.mp3
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Matthew 22:1-14, Rev H Alkema
How will you respond to the invitation of the King?
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LD 8, Rev D Anderson
God's well-planned revelation of His own three persons
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1 Corinthians 12:1-3, Rev D Anderson
The Pentecost confession: Jesus is Lord!
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LD 7, Rev H Alkema
The believer's confession: God has given to me His precious gift of faith
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Genesis 28:10-22, Rev H Alkema (Ascension Day)
The Lord provides comfort through His stairway to heaven
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LD 6, Rev H Alkema
Our only Mediator must be the one who drinks God's cup of wrath to the dregs
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LD 5, Rev H Alkema
Reluctant man's search for the solution to sin
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Matthew 21:33-46, Rev H Alkema
The Cornerstone warns of the dangerous path of rejection
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