2015 April

LD 4, Dr W Bredenhof, read by B Schoof
Is there injustice on God's part?
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Judges 2:10, Rev S 't Hart, read by G vanderWal
Know that the Lord is your faithful covenant God
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LD 3, Rev H Alkema
Sin and the corruption of man
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Matthew 21:28-32, Rev H Alkema
What kind of son or daughter will you be?
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LD 2, Rev H Alkema
God's perfect law gives us the true picture of man's lost condition
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Matthew 27:57-28:15, Rev H Alkema
It is true! Jesus Christ is risen from the dead
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Matthew 27:27-50, Rev H Alkema (Good Friday)
What do you see in the death of Christ and the scandal of the cross?
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