2023 June

LD47 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev K Dekker, 25 June 2023
Let us pray God's name be hallowed
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Malachi 2:17-3:5, Rev D Poppe, read by Br J Bruning, 25 June 2023
Although we long for justice, who can endure the day of the Judge's coming?
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LD46 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev D Poppe, read by Br G van der Wal, 18 June 2023
Christ calls us to pray to God as our Father in heaven and approach Him with 1. Intimacy 2. Respect
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2 Chronicles 15, Rev K Dekker, 18 June 2023
The LORD uses his servant Asa to lead his people in covenant renewal
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LD45 (Heidelberg Catechism), Rev W van der Jagt, 11 June 2023
True believers fervently pray
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Philippians 4:4-7, Rev W van der Jagt, 11 June 2023
The apostle Paul urges God’s children to live a joyous and thankful life
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LD44 (Heidelberg Catechism), Dr W Bredenhof, read by Br L Mulder, 4 June 2023
The Holy Spirit uses the law of God to help Christians grow in Christ
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